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We Donate our time for the greater good!

Caturday Team Mission: We are a  community based team of streamers that wish to raise a little money by donating our time and skills to play some music or video games for the cause!

Our Caturday fundraising events are held on the last weekend of every month!

Check out #Caturday on the discord​!


Join the Caturday Team on Tiltfy!

Event booking message  DarthRipz   on the discord!

Charity of the Month!


June 2024

Caturday June 2024
Overlay and donation links for event streamers.

overlay for obs:


donation link: 

We are raising money for Caturday Saint Jude's Children's Research Hospital:

Hammock Relaxing

We will be taking July off!

Enjoy your summer break!


August 2024

Saturday August 31st 2024


9 am - 10:30 am cst

10:30 am - 12 pm cst

12pm-1pm cst 

1pm - 2pm cst

2pm - 3pm cst

3pm -4pm cst

4pm - 5pm cst

5pm - 6pm cst

6pm - 7pm cst

7pm - 8pm cst  

8pm- 9pm cst 

9pm- close? cst 


Watch the host train on kick!

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